KaLLiFornia Here we Come... (kallifornia) wrote,
KaLLiFornia Here we Come...


So, I have been following the Olympics because I think it is amazing! Anyway, I don't know if anyone else has been watching, but the Women's (and Mens) Snowboard Cross is crazzzzzzzzy! I don' know how anyone can do that! haha Last night, Lindsey Jaycabilis (sp?) "lost the gold", and won silver- I felt so bad for her in the interview after it all. Yea she was in the lead, and messed up, fell and got silver-- I just think everyone that was interviewing her were asses.

Hockey was good today but USA lost by 1 :( They play again tomorrow @ 10am.ahah

BAHH- I have to work tomorrow. BUT vacation starts on Thurs so its all good :)
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