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KaLLiFornia Here we Come...


Well, I haven't really posted an update forever! So here it goes. I am at school and procrastinating from studying for my 7 Ideas that Shook the Universe test, i'm sure everyone can understand why!!

I was in FL all weekend, friday and came in monday morning and went straight to class from the airport, it was tiring, but a lot of fun. Sister graduated and the ceremony was really nice! I had a lot of fun, it was cool with the whole fam there. I love my grandparents, they make me laugh so hard!!!

So I just got done taking my Medical Terminology final, I have a test in 7 Ideas at 5:30pm. bahh it has been so busy with school lately, it just makes me want to lay down and go to sleep!! I have a paper due on wednesday for my college writing 2 class (which I HATE writing!) but oh well, its almost all done! I need to be studying for my test but I will fall asleep.

In other news~~ nothing really, just school and work sucks of course!! I am trying to decide if I want to take a class this summer or if I should just take a break. Its nice because the summer classes are only 5-7 weeks depending on what session you take, but at the same time i think I want the break of the FULL summer being off!!!

Well I have my test here soon and I NEED to look over my notes. until next time!
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