KaLLiFornia Here we Come... (kallifornia) wrote,
KaLLiFornia Here we Come...


Here is just a random post because I haven't updated in a longgggggggg time.

I can't stop coughing I don't know what my problem is, and its getting annoying.

I have my pics of Key West and South Beach but I don't feel like uploading them now.

School starts in a week :/ i'm getting nervous. My school/work schedule is going to suck but oh well thats life.

I go next Monday for my MRI. that sucks too.

I can't wait for winter!!!

Donna got me a SWEET bookbag.haha I know that sounds cheesy but it is awesome.lol and she bought me school supplies, which again sounds cheesy but it was really nice of her especially because I am broke lately trying to pay off my Cleveland Clinic bill :/

Helped my sister move today, she bought a new house!! its really nice. I got to drive her car and I just have 2 words. zoom zoom! haha

So I got accepted into the Lance Armstong LiveStrong Summit in Austin, TX but sister didn't. which pisses me off because if it wasn't for her (and of course my other family members) I would have NEVER made it. So I have already paid the conference fee $115 but I don't know if I want to go because going alone will suck and I really wanted to go with Kate because she helped me so much.

anyways its getting late.. night
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